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Free compromat encyclopedia.

Free to edit by anybody. CompromatWiki — public Internet encyclopedia, which implemented on the wiki-principles. This project purpose - to give any user a possibility to get or publish information about illegal or reprehensible activities of individuals, commercial companies, associations and authorities.

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Person of a Day


Guselnikov, Gregory

Russian investor, businessman, Chairman of the Board of JSCB "Vyatka-Bank".

The owner of the London investment fund “G2Capital"


According to the Latvian investigating internet-agency “Pietiek”, "... there are four criminal cases instituted in Russia against Gregory for economic crimes, including money-laundering in a large scale (FSB is investigating the case in Russia)."

Gregory Guselnikov is suspected in money laundering and the withdrawal of funds offshore, according to Perm newspaper "Mestnoye Vremya" (“Local Time”) with the reference to “Pietiek”.

Person of a Day


Arzhanov, Dmitry

Dmitry Arzhanov is an entrepreneur from Russian Federation whose business is based in the field of energy retailing and agro-industry, as well as investing in oil and real estate development in Vietnam. According to Russia’s Forbes, Arzhanov’s assets in the country can be count up to 800 million dollars


In August 2006, the owner of the power supply organization "Transneftservice S" Alexander Rubanov, who’s close to the chairman of the board of "UES of Russia" Anatoly Chubais, invited Arzhanov to his company for the position of Deputy General Director for Development. The company provided electricity to the main oil pipelines of “"AK" Transneft”. Thanks for the acquaintance with the deputy head of the "RAO UES" Mikhail Abyzov and the head of "Transneft" Simeon Weinstock, the company managed to sell electricity at a price one third higher than the market to state’s monopoly. Such money helped the partners in buying retail companies in Central Russia and the Volga region.


Person of a Day

KMO 074909 00159 1 t218.jpg

Dmitry Mazepin

Russian businessman, primary owner and chairman of the board of directors of the United chemical company "Uralkhim". One of the richest men in Russia


In 2013, Suleiman Kerimov sells the "Uralkalii" company, but in the end the shares package belonging to Kerimov was bought by Mikhail Prokhorov, the owner of "Onexim". Mazepin gets 20%. 2014: The management of JSC "Togliatti" openly accused the owner of "Uralkhim", Dmitry Mazepin, in a raider seizure of the enterprise. In October 2015 a subsidiary of the "Uralkalii" company established 12.6% of the company to "VTB-Capital" in a repo transaction, as well as 7.38% of the shares in the form of GDR (Global Depositary Receipt) and attracted 800 million dollars using these packages. By the end of the year "Uralkali" becomes a private company, delists from the stock exchanges, and the next step was the merging with the "Uralchem" shareholder. The largest shareholder is Dmitry Mazepin. "Onexim" has no plans to remain a shareholder, as it was reported by “Vedomosti”.

Person of a Day

Gabrelyanov Aram

Gabrelyanov Aram

Russian publisher, Chairman of the Board of Directors of OAO "Revision" "Izvestia", CEO and president of the publishing house «News Media», the president of holding "Baltic Media Group


Gabrelyanov’s mediaholding is “built-in” Kremlin media. Gabrelyanov received considerable autonomy and a separate niche on the information front. He had to deal with the most unpleasant job: pick up dirt on opponents of the regime. Gabrelyanov’s colleagues seem to have been given semi-legal and even frankly criminal powers to resort to information gathering techniques: surveillance, telephone tapping, installation of hidden cameras and microphones. In exchange for Aram’s loyalty in 2014 the “Lifenews” television station was allowed to circumvent the ban on advertising for paid TV channels, and get license for ground television broadcasting in the provincial cities with a population of 100 thousand.

Law enforcement employees appear to provide Gabrelyanov operational cover and rescue in the event of trouble and problems with the law.

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